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E-Cigarettes Are a Popular Alternative

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E-Cigarette: A Rising Trend

Traditional smoking is becoming less and less socially acceptable. The lingering smell of smoke that distracts and bothers the people around you can very quickly be eliminated by switching to the electronic alternative. An e-cigarette provides users with the same feelings and sensations sought after by smokers but does away with the sometimes problematic regular cigarette by-products. Learning more about these electronic smoking devices can lead to a positive change that will allow you to enjoy the appealing aspects of smoking in a much cleaner and less bothersome way. An e-cigarette just might be the solution to your problems.

Electronic Cigarettes

The most commonly-seen and popular type of electronic cigarette is made of two main components. The longer piece is the battery. It oftentimes has an LED light on the end that acts as a status indicator for the device. The smaller piece, the cartomizer, holds the e-juice and the atomizer. When activated, the e-juice interacts with the heated atomizer to create the vapor, which is what is inhaled during the simulated smoking, or vaping. They’re similar in size to traditional cigarettes, but weigh a little more. They’re portable, rechargeable and refillable.


Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. There are over six hundred different chemicals in traditional cigarettes that are created through the combustion of tobacco, many of which are carcinogenic. E-cigs provide a comparable alternative to traditional smoking, but with a drastically reduced number of toxins. Since nothing is actually burned in the process of vaping, most of the aforementioned chemicals aren’t created, and those that are created are generally only found in trace amounts. That amount of chemicals can still be detected, but in quantities so small that it cannot be measured accurately.
Another outstanding benefit to electronic smoking devices is their cost effectiveness compared to other forms of smoking. A single cartomizer from a reputable purveyor of electronic smoking devices is roughly equivalent to thirty regular tobacco cigarettes, and costs an average of two dollars each. The best part is that electronic cigarette refills reduce costs even further.


The electronic smoking revolution is all about choice: the choice for a cleaner alternative to traditional smoking, the choice in e-liquid flavors and the choice in the type of device. In addition to the commonly-seen cigarette-shaped e-smoking devices, there are options that look and feel like pipes and even some that mimic the look of cigars. They all operate similarly, but oftentimes, have substantially longer battery life that makes them an ideal choice for heavy smokers or those who spend a lot of time away from a convenient charging station. To learn which type of electronic smoking device is best suited to your personal tastes and needs, it’s advisable to contact a reputable purveyor of e-cigs and supplies.
The social stigma around smoking grows deeper every day. Make the switch to the e-cigarette and enjoy their benefits today. Take advantage of the choices available from the most reputable purveyors of electronic smoking devices and accessories today and live a better life now!